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Scan & enhance your mind map in seconds

Save time

Use doUmind© mind map recognition service: from a simple picture of your drawing, a near-perfect rendition is available in seconds including shapes, linkstexts !

No more reproducing your mind map manually on PowerPoint or another editing tool. 

Always in control

You can edit shapes, links & texts at all times after scanning your mind map. Our intuitive editing platforms are easy to use.

Customize your mind map

You can choose from our diverse collection of optimized layouts, colors & shapes to save your very own design & make your mind map "one of a kind".

In multiple formats

Once you are done customizing your very own mind map, you can export it to different formats :

 PowerPoint (fully editable)

 XMind, MindManager, FreeMind, text




Philippe Boukobza

Chuck Frey

Franck Maintenay

"This will save me lots of time. I always think when using a digital mind map tool in a real conversation, all attendees lose focus. So I do make my meeting notes mind map hand drawn and enter it in my digital mindmap software afterwards."


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