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Scan & enhance your mind map in seconds

Scan & enhance your mind map in seconds

doUmind© is an easy-to-use mind map recognition & design app.

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In-app purchases

Save time

Use doUmind© mind map recognition service: from a simple picture of your drawing, a near-perfect rendition is available in seconds including shapes, linkstexts !

No more reproducing your mind map manually on PowerPoint or another editing tool. 

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Always in control

You can edit shapes, links & texts at all times after scanning your mind map. Our intuitive editing platforms are easy to use.

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Customize your mind map

You can choose from our diverse collection of optimized layouts, colors & shapes to save your very own design & make your mind map "one of a kind".

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In multiple formats

Once you are done customizing your very own mind map, you can export it to different formats :

 PowerPoint (fully editable)

 XMind, MindManager, FreeMind, text



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So what about you,

 do YOU mind?

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In-app purchases

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About uS


In 2018, we were in our 4th year of studying engineering in France when we had an idea.

This idea was an app which would, from a simple picture of  a drawn mind map, recognize shapes & links and directly retranscript it into a digital reproduction of the design in powerpoint.

Digital mindmap in one click : easy, beautiful & ergonomic. A real time saver for anyone using mind maps to express ideas to themself or an audience. 

Once this idea was in our mind, we had to make it come to life.

To do so, both of us decided to take a break from our studies, with the approval of our college, IMT Mines Alès, and worked relentlessly tweaking and reconfiguring until we were sure to have a clean and finished app. Between tutorials, developping & designing, we were motivated to make this project a reality.

We are today so thrilled to finally present it to you!

juliette breurec def.jpg

Juliette Breurec

Age 24

In my free time...

I like writing novels, programming & drawing!

virgile garnier def.jpg

Virgile Garnier

Age 24

In my free time...

I like skydiving, programming and Ridley Scotts' movies!


They wrote About uS

Philippe Boukobza

It's a tool we've been waiting for! Mind mapping practitioners will be very happy to have a bridge between their hand-drawn draft maps and the world of software, whether Powerpoint or a mind mapping application. doUmind is quick to learn and is also a rapidly evolving application. I highly recommend that you try it and adopt it!

Chuck Frey

doUmind is a new Android-based app that converts hand-drawn mind maps into digital versions and then enables you to export them to a number of popular formats. [...] (doUmind teamworkers) have created an simple, elegant approach to transforming hand-drawn visual diagrams into computer-based maps that can be modified and improved – and save their creators the hours that would be required to do this task manually.

Franck Maintenay

doUmind appears to be an UFO in today's world of Mind Mapping softwares and opens a new door by creating a link that did not exist until then: moving from a manual map in a quasi-automatic way to a digital map that can be used. This app is available by subscription but its price is derisory compared to what it can bring. [...] There is no doubt that doUmind will very quickly become a reference tool in this field.

They talk About uS

"This will save me lots of time. I always think when using a digital mind map tool in a real conversation, all attendees lose focus. So I do make my meeting notes mind map hand drawn and enter it in my digital mindmap software afterwards."


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